Associate and Supervision Services

I offer associate positions that include supervision and private practice development to psychotherapy graduate students, associates, psychology assistants, and licensed therapists of all kinds. My private practice offers psychotherapy and supervision in California, and in-person in San Francisco, with in-person clinical supervision and consultation across the Bay in San Francisco and Alameda counties. I have training and professional experience in agencies and settings in San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, and beyond. The practice holds open opportunities for psychological assistants and associates to continue to develop clinical skills, build private practice knowledge, and expand professional identities.

Private Practice Supervision for Pre-licensed Associates

I welcome associates on the path to licensure for a variety of psychotherapy licensure types: Psy.D., Ph.D., ASW, AMFT, and APC. In our practice, we can sign off on hours, provide structure and support for developing a private practice when you are licensed, identify and express your professional identities and styles, deepen your clinical skill sets, identify additional clinical areas of interest, and assist you in creating a path to licensure that is as smooth as it could be.

I am grateful for the opportunities I had in supervision to learn about my own process as a therapist, and our practice is developed to support you as you continue to strengthen your own professional self. I supervise from a relational, feminist, anti-oppression perspective, and welcome all therapeutic styles and methods that integrate well with those ideas.

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Licensed Associate Positions

At Divergent Worlds, we have opportunities for licensed therapists who share our values to join us. We can connect with you around building or re-energizing your practice, developing referrals, expanding your relationships with various communities, learning business and private practice skills, and connecting to like minded colleagues. As a member of our team, we offer referrals as they are available, support you as you generate your own, documentation and policies to get you started, and support as you build and expand your own clinical and professional focus.

Agency and Practicum Supervision

I have experience with providing supervision for individual and group therapy. Additionally, I have conducted process groups for students as an introduction to providing therapy. I believe it is important to understand our own strengths, and to create a path in therapy work that feels authentic. 


I am an adjunct supervisor for graduate therapy students in training at a local clinic serving the LGBTQ community:


The Pacific Center in Berkeley, Ca -

Inquire About Joining Us

Joining our practice usually starts with a meeting to explore your goals and interests, learn more about our practice, and chat about what a position with Divergent Worlds might look like.


If you have any questions about my supervision services or would like to inquire about joining the practice as a licensed or pre-licensed associate, send your CV and any questions to Your CV can be your version of your experience and doesn't need to follow any format or include explanations for your own process or experience.


  • Flexible start and end date

  • An opportunity to earn an income as an employee 

  • Retirement plan with optional matching

  • Support in developing and sustaining a private practice

  • Guidance in navigating the financial and business aspects of a private practice

  • Review of the regulations related to building and maintaining a practice, for licensed and pre-licensed therapists

  • The opportunity to retain working with your current clients, if you are able

  • Opportunities for independence and professional development

  • Support in identifying and supporting your niches and unique clinical style and focus

  • Access to our forms and policies and opportunities to adjust them to reflect your own style

  • Support in adapting your practice through pandemics, social movements, and your own life changes

  • Support in deepening your clinical skills

  • Encouragement in learning and practicing new ideas that inspire you

  • Assistance in navigating remote and in-office locations, including finding office space

  • Support in identifying and exploring your own visions for your practice

  • Flexibility regarding practice/office location 

  • Access to weekly individual and group supervision options

  • Opportunities to expand your practice and supervision options as you gain referrals

  • Flexible expectations and options for building and maintaining a client schedule that works for you

  • Access to our community of folks also working towards building unique and inclusive practices

  • Referrals of prospective clients, and support in developing your own referral network

  • Opportunities to accept insurance through Medi-Cal in San Francisco

  • Support in marketing your practice and continuing to develop new referrals

  • Support in incorporating additional professional endeavors in your own private practice model (teaching, assessment, etc.)

  • Inclusion on our website  

  • A practice flex spending plan to cover some specific expenses involved in launching your practice

  • Access to our billing support staff as you build your own models

As different licensing boards and local policies change, requirements and options will be adjusted to include your needs and goals as best as possible.

Our associate positions include a fee splitting model that starts with a 40% take home and can be adjusted based on the practice you imagine creating.