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Brainspotting is a neurobiological, somatic, and relational process that bridges connections to your mind and body’s natural ability to heal.

With Brainspotting, we find spots in the environment where you look that connect to parts of the brain and parts of the nervous system where trauma is stored and processed. By accessing the brain and nervous system in a connected way, you can process and release traumatic and impactful physical and emotional experiences. We may also incorporate Bodyspotting, where you gently hold an item to your body while you process.

During Brainspotting, there are many ways to access processing. We can start with a hard memory or experience, or a positive one, a hope for change, a body sensation, a question. We can start wherever feels right, and do not need to start with a hard topic if that isn't what we want to do.

The processing work that occurs during Brainspotting may continue after our session. The connections made during the processing can continue to deepen, grow, and release challenging stories and memories and sensations.

How Brainspotting Sessions Can Work

You don't need to do anything to prepare for processing with Brainspotting, though you are welcome to vomr with ideas for topics you want to include in the work.

Items you may want to have available when working remotely:

• Sticky notes, or something to help mark spots

• Tissues

• Something to drink for hydration (water, tea, etc.)

• A blanket for temperature or comfort

• A cooking spoon or item with a broad, flat surface

• Music- Some folks benefit from and appreciate using bilateral music during Brainspotting. If you would like to try including music or sound, we would use headphones and a separate device (laptop, tablet, phone, etc.) to play the music.


BioLateral audio tracks. I have a hidden, password protected page on my website  that has some Biolateral tracks available (ask for the password if you would like it). You can either play tracks through the website or you can download it, or you can find tracks on many music subscription platforms.

How to prepare for Brainspotting

Processing with Brainspotting

Brainspotting can be a part of our ongoing therapy, and I may occssionally or regularly say, oh can we brainspot this or would you like to brainspot with that, or acknowledge that you located a spot naturally. It can also be used as a process where we focus on a specific topic and Brainspot with that.

We can also specifically focus on Brainspotting as an adjunct to your existing work, whatever that may be.

Brainspotting can be included in remote and in-person sessions. You don’t need to be able to see or have great vision, depth perception, or proprioception in order to access Brainspotting. Visual field or focus spots can be accessed in many different ways.

Have a question or want to schedule a session? Email me at rachel@drrachelrobbins for more information

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