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Private Practice Consultation

There are so many ways to be a therapist, and so many ways to operate a private practice. A private practice is an ongoing process of balancing many needs: your stability needs, value needs, client needs, system needs. Whether starting from the beginning or adjusting your practice to bring it new energy, you can get your practice to a place of supporting you, your values, and the folks you most want to support.


When I opened my private practice, I started from scratch. I thought I would be a therapist in community mental health clinics for eternity, and when I left to start my own practice, I had no idea what to do or where to start with the business end of things. I excitedly got to work, learning and studying, talking to colleagues in practice already, and always including my own styles and approaches as I went. Even when other people said that was absurd!

My result was a thriving practice with a full client schedule, and a full roster of associates in under 5 months.


The wave of business energy has continued, and my therapy and supervision practices have remained full and overflowing over the last decade.

I am so grateful and appreciative of the people, privileges and resources I have accessed to help my practice grow. I couldn't have done it without my community, even the folks who said I wouldn't succeed, because I appreciate their feedback and the motivation to keep carving my own path. And it turns out that I love it. I love private practice, I love running a business, and I love it when others get to build thriving practices of their own.


Where does that lead us? I have had exciting experiences in successfully building my own practice and in supporting others as they build their own successful practices. I want to pass on all the information and strategies I learned and continue to learn and apply to support you in creating the exact practice you want to have.

I have a separate passion aimed at strengthening our communities, and increasing opportunities for therapy services to continue to be available for all kinds of people with all kinds of situations, needs, and resources.


My aim and focus is to work individually to assist you with building and maintaining the practice YOU want to have. The clients you work with, the schedule you want to have, the policies and other practice outlets you want to maintain. We can work together to develop a plan to address one specific area, or multiple aspects of the world of private practice management. There are many ways to nurture a practice, and I believe that finding and using the right approach for you will allow you to maximize your experience with your practice.


We can address any and all aspects of private practice life: legal and ethical requirements, generating referrals, best practices, common areas where folks make different choices, differences between licensing boards that can create confusion about rules and expectations, adjusting to changes and challenges, and deconstructing traditional models to create access and best reflect you, your work, and your practice.

For therapists new to private practice
For therapists currently with a private practice
  • Identifying the clients you want to serve

  • Navigating beginning business set up requirements

  • Developing an online presence

  • Identifying your private practice goals and business model

  • Creating a strategy to generate referrals

  • Developing documentation that works for you

  • Deciding if you want to work with insurance panels, and applying

  • Acknowledging clinical implications in marketing and technology

  • Balancing the influences of capitalism with your own values and needs personally, professionally, and financially

  • Re-spark your practice

  • Shifting your niche

  • New marketing strategies

  • Adding new technologies to your practice

  • Increase generation of referrals

  • Creating and maintaining a website and web presence that reflects your practice and the folks you work with

  • Online marketing and advertising

  • Taking the plunge in joining, or leaving, insurance panels

  • Incorporating your values into your existing policies

How To Get Started


To start invigorating your practice, call or email me for scheduling, or with any questions you might have.

Private Practice Consult

A package full of info and tools to get your practice going how you want it, the way you want it

  • Two One-on-One consultations with me, to start

  • Follow up emails for questions

  • Review of everything needed for a thriving practice

  • Access to my comprehensive private practice guide full of things to include and consider as you build and grow

  • Templates for private practice forms of all kinds

  • Specific focus on where you are at and what you need to create your dream practice

  • Acknowledge barriers to you getting where you want to go and explore options for moving around and through them

  • Tips to help your practice reflect YOU and who you work with

Fee- Starting at $499, with flexible options based on your goals and situation

What's included?

Have a specific question or process you want to address?

  • One-on-one consultation hour

  • Answers to your private practice question

  • Access to relevant forms and worksheets

  • Create an action plan for getting you where you want to go

Fee - $200 per hour

Individual consultations

Private Practice Development Plan

A fictional planet in space in purple and dark red colors
A fictional planet in space in tones of blues

There are two options to choose from, each with their own structures and tools. These packages are flexible, we can use them as a guide and create our own plan based on your situation and what we both want to create together.

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