Private Practice Consultation

I offer information and support to therapists of all backgrounds in building or improving on their private practice models. I am a creative, innovative thinker and have had exciting experiences in successfully building my own practice and in supporting others as they build successful practices of their own. I enjoy passing these strategies on to help strengthen our community and increase opportunities for therapy services to continue to be available for all.


My goal and focus is to work individually to assist you with your own specific goals. I can work with you to develop a plan to address one specific area, or multiple aspects of the world of private practice management. There are many ways to nurture a practice, and I believe that finding and using the right approach for you will allow you to maximize your experience with your practice. We can address legal and ethical requirements, best practices, common areas where folks make different choices, differences between licensing boards that can create confusion about rules and expectations, and deconstructing traditional models to create access and best reflect you, your work, and your practice.

For therapists new to private practice
For therapists currently with a private practice
  • Identifying the clients you want to serve

  • Navigating beginning business set up requirements

  • Developing an online presence

  • Identifying your private practice goals

  • Creating a strategy to generate referrals

  • Developing documentation that works for you

  • Deciding if you want to work with insurance panels, and applying

  • Acknowledging clinical implications in marketing and technology

  • Balancing the influences of capitalism with your own values and needs personally, professionally, and financially

  • Re-spark your practice

  • Shifting your niche

  • New marketing strategies

  • Adding new technologies to your practice

  • Increase generation of referrals

  • Creating and maintaining a polished website and web presence

  • Online marketing and advertising

  • Taking the plunge in joining, or leaving, insurance panels

  • Incorporating your values into your existing policies

How To Get Started


I offer single consultations, or a full “private practice development plan” that includes in-person consults along with email follow ups for questions that come up along the way.

To get started with invigorating your practice, call or email me for scheduling, or with any questions you might have.