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Welcome To Our Next Step Portal!

The portal is a place  to practice care for your mind and body, and connect to thoughts + feelings + sensations. It is packed full of skills and tools and welcoming spaces for you to be and practice being.

In our Next Step Portal, you get access to well over 100 different activities aimed at different aspects of our healing and emotional world.

We have modules for Focus, Calm, Sleep, Writing, Play, Creativity, Exploration, Adventure, and a ton more. We also include a full bonus section with printable worksheets and activities so you can practice the activities and skills anywhere in many ways.

As you go, you get to complete our Next Step Journal and gather a collection of skills and activities that work for you in a variety of ways and situations.

The Next Step Portal is available on Teachable. When you enroll, you can sign up and in on Teachable for complete access to all of the activities and you can keep going back to try new ones as they are added, and practice more as you go through it all.

Click the button below to go to the Next Step Portal starting page to get more information and get started!

Access to this full range of activities and skills is currently available for $9.99 a month.

We are currently offering a free 7 day trial. Enroll now and try the entire portal for free for 7 days. After your trial period, the fee for the portal will be $9.99 monthly.

The portal combines therapeutic tools and knowledge, creative exercises, somatic practices, and executive functioning techniques to offer an extensive collection of opportunities to practice adapting and responding to whatever comes your way.

Enroll for 12 months at a time, and we are offering a discounted yearly rate of $99 a year.

We have a scholarship model available for all current clients, and for folks with financial need. If you would like to see about access to our scholarship plan, you can ask me when we meet or send me an email at

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What is that exactly? Our Next Step Portal is a collection of activities, skills, exercises, crafts, puzzles, and games all aimed towards moving forward in healing.

Healing and growing is an ongoing process that we move in and out of in different ways throughout our lives. Next Step offers opportunities to grow and thrive in your own way, in the moment and as you go.

Next Step Portal

How It Works

In therapy, you might talk about or practice skills and exercises that be useful every day and especially in moments of stress, overwhelm or big feelings. This portal is a collection of the activities I might suggest, along with a ton of others that might also be useful along the way. Our Next Step Portal works along with therapy to add in more skills and more practice opportunities for everything you are working on.

This portal is also a wonderful outlet if you aren't in or aren't sure about therapy. Going to therapy in and of itself can be really complex. It might not be a solid option for so many reasons: finances, scheduling, timing, therapist availability, difficulty finding the right fit, history of judgments from health care providers, oppression in the health care system, family and community stories about therapy, interests in doing things in the right way for you, and on and on. The Next Step Portal offers activities and skills for several different experiences and situations, along with lots of ongoing practice for moving from surviving to thriving.


No matter how you approach it, you can complete everything in your own time and in your own way.

What Is Included?

Payment Options

Getting Started

Adjunct to Therapy

Personal Healing Journey

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