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How I Work

I use a warm and focused approach by including genuine affirmative communication, compassionate listening, and often a sense of humor. All of this is done with a focus on creating a non-judgmental
atmosphere where you feel able to explore your thoughts and feelings. I am mindful about including consent around interventions, empowering clients to understand their agency in our sessions. The
development of mindfulness, self-compassion, intentionality, and self-reflection are important pieces of my approach.  I also take an anti-racist stance to recognize how systems of oppression influence your
identity and life. My style is direct, empowering, and collaborative. Together we will work on finding long-term and short-term goals within frameworks and rituals that are unique to you.



  • LGBTQIA+ Adults and Teens

  • Racial identity/Multicultural identities

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Mood Disorders

  • Life transitions

  • Relationship Issues

  • Family/Relational stressors

  • Dating

  • Sex & Intimacy

  • Sex work

  • Kink & Diverse Sexual Interests

  • Non-Monogamy, Polyamory and Diverse Relationship Styles

  • Self-Esteem

  • Perfectionism

  • Eating Disorders

  • Body Image concerns

  • Chronic Illness/Chronic Pain

  • Grief and Loss


  •  Psychodynamic

  •  Relational

  •  Solution -focused

  •  Strength-based

  •  Narrative

  •  CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

  •  DBT (Dialectical behavioral Therapy)

  •  IFS (Internal Family Systems)

  •  Mindfulness

  •  Harm Reduction

  •  EFT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy)

  •  Multicultural


  • English

  • Español

About Araceli
Pronouns: she/her/ella


I graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.  I attended The
California School of Professional Psychology APA Accredited Clinical Psychology program in San
Diego, CA, and received my Master of Arts in 2017, and my doctorate in 2020.  I completed my
Predoctoral Internship at the Eating Recovery Center in Chicago, IL. My training and experience are
rooted in Relational Theory, Cognitive Behavioral, Psychodynamic, and Mindfulness-based modalities,
as well as a Feminist framework.

My clinical experience spans a variety of settings, including inpatient treatment, outpatient clinics, and
community health organizations. I'm passionate about supporting individuals and communities that have
been systematically marginalized and are looking for a space to be seen and celebrated.  I believe that we
can all benefit from learning to be mindful and caring for our needs with as much compassion as we
might offer others.

My family arrived in San Diego years ago from Mexico. I identify as Mexican American and understand
the feeling of non-belonging and the impact of intergenerational trauma. I can also understand the stigma
or hesitance that comes with seeking psychotherapy, and I believe that healing is our right. Some of my
personal interests include being in nature, travel, art, comedy, animals, photography, yoga, caring for my
dog, vintage, exploring hidden gems, and social justice.

If you have any questions about myself or my style, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Contact Information

Contact me to set up a free 15-minute consultation to see if we are a good fit:

Phone: (650)-273-7957

Teletherapy: I will be using google meet for remote meetings

Araceli Leza, Psy. D. Registered Psychological Associate PSB 94024951

Employed by Divergent Worlds and Supervised by Rachel Robbins, Psy.D. License # Psy22646

I enjoy working with adults and youth from a broad range of backgrounds and identities and believe that everyone deserves a space to be acknowledged and supported. I am passionate about and have extensive experience with people facing racial identity development, overcoming racial trauma, exploring, andsupporting sexuality, relationships, gender expression, eating disorders, body image, disembodiment concerns, depression, and anxiety. This experience includes body betrayal, internalized phobic messaging, trauma narratives, and gender dysphoria. Whether you are seeking therapy specific to any of these concerns or not, we may explore how your body and brain are responding to anxiety, stress, depression, grief, and other emotions.


Everyone is welcome!

A close up of a cactus paddle with dark magenta buds, with a field of cactus in the background

Thank you for your interest in my practice!

Many of us long to be understood and accepted despite messaging that asks us to shrink, hide or even change our needs and vulnerabilities. I am here to help you celebrate and enjoy parts of yourself that have been told don’t belong. I will support you on a journey to explore these aspects of yourself and feel empowered to make changes. I am here to collaboratively help build on your strengths and explore tools for meeting your goals. Conscious of the many stressors that we encounter every day, it is my privilege to create space for exploring the many dimensions of your identities, feelings, and experiences through psychotherapy. My hope is that together we will create a place to be your authentic self, heal, and nurture growth.

¡Bienvenido! Welcome!

Araceli Leza, Psy.D.

Araceli wears a brightly colored shirt, glasses, and a bright smile
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