Rachel Robbins, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

CA License Number Psy22646


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    Private Practice Consultation


    I offer support and assistance with developing, maintaining, and improving psychotherapy private practice for all therapists interested in starting or re-invigorating their private practice.  Review my private practice consultancy pages for details on supporting your private practice.


     Clinical Consultation


     I offer consultation services to colleagues on a range of clinical subjects: 

    BDSM and Trauma: I have extensive experience working clinically and providing training around navigating the special challenges of working with kinky individuals with histories of trauma. I have created and will soon be launching a multi-part training course at www.kinkknowledgeable.com covering history of trauma, specific subjects impacting survivors of trauma who participate in BDSM activities and communities, opportunities for exploring countertransference and legal concerns, and identifying safe and healthy outlets for expressing identity and continuing recovery from PTSD and other trauma related symptoms. This consultation involves case exploration, worksheets for identifying your own boundaries and goals, and identifying opportunities for working with partners and other providers.


    Sex therapy and Sexuality- I have extensive experience with sex education and sexual identities, and have offered individual and group consultation and courses related to working with individuals who are exploring their sexuality or who identify in the LGBT spectrum or with kinky or alternative communities.


    Chronic Mental Illness-  I have years of experience working with individuals with chronic, long term struggles in a variety of settings. I believe in assisting individuals of all backgrounds and abilities in achieving their goals, including relationships, employment, family connections, and housing. I have provided consultation and supervision regarding engagement, ongoing support and treatment, and philosophical approaches to accepting and supporting ongoing mental health for all.


    Disability-  I have experience and focused training in working with clients with both identifiable and hidden disabilities. I provide an approach that includes empowerment, self disclosure, and acknowledgment of social and political impact to address environmental challenges and personal identity concerns related to ability and disability. I have offered consultation and training related to disability and working with physical, learning, and cognitive disabilities in a variety of contexts, including managed care and community mental health settings. 


    If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact me directly to discuss time line and arrangements.




    I am a level 1 certified provider of Emotional Brain Training (EBT). EBT provides a set of tools to re-wire circuits in the brain and encourage mastery of daily frustrations, traumatic events, mood stability, and other experiences.

    If you would like additional information regarding EBT research, clinical services, consultation, or training, please contact me for more information.