Divergent Worlds Psychotherapy Associates

Pre-Licensed Associates

Psychological Assistants (Ph.D. and Psy.D) and AMFT/APC/ASW Associates are mental health professionals who are in the process of completing their licensing processes and are approved to provide psychotherapy under the supervision of a licensed therapist. While every individual I supervise has their own views and style, at Divergent Worlds we all share values of inclusion and acceptance of a range of identities and experiences. As part of our practice, they provide sliding scale fees, and you can ask them directly to determine what your fee would be. Click on the links below for more information about each person, and reach out to them if you would like to ask a question or set up an appointment.

Viola Mejia

Viola works with people and communities who don’t want their wounds to define them and want to align with the heart as a guide in choosing how they live and connect with others. She focuses on healing in a colonized world bringing in practices to restore, liberate and embody the relationship with the body and spirit.

Viola Mejia, Psy.D.

Pronouns: she/her/ella

A white woman with sort hair wearing a warm smile

After identifying the similarities in two particular populations, Dr. Cleves designed a group treatment model to help clients recover from the effects of family addiction and/or parents with significant narcissistic traits. Working with individuals or in a group therapy setting her work in the area of parental addiction/narcissism has become her specialization. Dr. Cleves has presented her work at a variety of professional conferences including the Annual Conference of The American Psychological Association.

Elizabeth Cleves, Psy.D.

Pronouns: she/her

Nika Ayat

I create safety in the therapeutic relationship so we can explore the driving forces of your behaviors and emotions, increase your awareness of common relationship dynamics, and make meaning of your experiences.  We learn and heal through relationships, and together in therapy, we foster new, healthier ways of relating to yourself and others.  Some of my specialties are multicultural issues, dating abuse and domestic violence, relational trauma, and anger issues.

Nika Ayat, AMFT

Pronouns: she/her

Licensed Associates

Licensed associates are licensed clinicians who offer psychotherapy as part of our Divergent Worlds community practice. They may have joined us as pre-licensed associates and remained in our practice after becoming licensed, or they may have joined as licensed because they wanted to join others with shared values and established private practice routines.  As part of Divergent Worlds, we strive to create an environment where clinicians receive support in building and sustaining their private practice environments, and clients are supported in receiving skilled, inclusive, informed care.

  • We don't currently have any licensed associates at this time!