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Divergent Worlds Psychotherapy Associates

Pre-Licensed Associates

Psychological Associates (Ph.D. and Psy.D) and AMFT/APC/ASW Associates are mental health professionals who are in the process of completing their licensing processes and are approved to provide psychotherapy under the supervision of a licensed therapist. While every individual I supervise has their own approaches and style, at Divergent Worlds we all share values of inclusion and acceptance of a range of identities and experiences. As part of our practice, they provide sliding scale fees, and you can ask them directly to determine what your fee would be. Click on the links below for more information about each person, and reach out to them if you would like to ask a question or set up an appointment.

Licensed Associates

Licensed associates are licensed clinicians who offer psychotherapy as part of our Divergent Worlds community practice. They may have joined us as pre-licensed associates and remained in our practice after becoming licensed, or they may have joined as licensed because they wanted to join others with shared values and established private practice routines.  As part of Divergent Worlds, we strive to create an environment where clinicians receive support in building and sustaining their private practice environments, and clients are supported in receiving skilled, inclusive, informed care.

We don't currently have any licensed associates at this time!


Claudette works with grief, loss, transitions, both emotional and physical pain, and the multitude of ways that those experiences have impacted people’s lives in the past and the present. By holding space to explore messages from people's bodies, minds, spirits, and each person's innate heart wisdom, Claudette aims to support, with respect, each person's individual healing journey.

Claudette Largess, Psy.D.

Pronouns: she/they

Suzanna provides a joyful space to examine the values that drive our choices, heal our earliest wounds, and create a life of meaning and peace. She especially supports caregivers of all types—including educators and parents—as they navigate the emotional journey of nurturing others. 

A smiling Latina woman, with dark hair and olive complexion, in a dress sitting in front of the ocean

Suzanna Osuna, MA

Pronouns: she/her

Lindsey Van De Laarschot

Pronouns: she/her

Araceli provides a collaborative and compassionate environment. She strives to create a reflective,open, and non-judgmental space for people to feel safe discussing what's meaningful to them. She’s interested in creating space for the range of identities and narratives that impact our human existence. She's especially passionate about providing anti-racist and LGBTQIA+ affirming care.

Araceli Leza, Psy.D.

Pronouns: she/her/ella

Lindsey offers individual and couples therapy to clients 18 years of age and older. She uses an approach that allows you to start where you are ready and guide the session in the direction that best suits you and your individualized needs. Lindsey believes that growth and change have the best chance of flourishing when there is an authentic connection between clinician and client, one in which the client is heard, seen, understood, and accepted just as they are. This foundation allows her to not only validate you in your process, but also challenge you to create new patterns and beliefs along the way.

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