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I have a client portal where you can digitally and securely complete the documentation I use in my practice. You can access that portal and complete the documentation by going to the Simple Practice Client Portal page and creating your account. These forms are listed here so they are always available and so that you can review them and know what to expect, The documents here are intended to be a reflection of you, and you can complete them in any way that best represents your identity, history, and experience.

Client Portal - Click here to access my Simple Practice client portal.


For reference, here are copies of the forms I regularly use to support the work we might be doing together. These forms do not need to be completed in this format and exist here for your ease in access and review.

Acknowledgements and Signature page - This page is a review of my policies and confirms that you have reviewed the information that I use to inform my practice. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this information, and I am happy to discuss any aspect of this process with you.

History and Intake - This is a description of your past and current experience in a variety of contexts.

HIPAA Information - I am required to provide you a copy of this description of your privacy rights. This form describes the basic rights  for privacy created and dictated by HIPAA.

Informed Consent for Psychotherapy - Please read this document before completing the signature page. It describes information about confidentiality and my therapy policies. If you have any questions about these policies you are welcome to ask. 

Informed Consent for Assessment - This form is for people specifically seeking evaluations outside of receiving therapy. It describes information about confidentiality and my evaluation policies. If you have any questions about these policies you are welcome to ask. 

Social Networking and Contact Policy - This document describes my policies on how we can communicate around and in between sessions, and on how I interact with social networking sites.

Informed Consent for Telehealth - This form describes the benefits and challenges of telehealth. I meet with people in my office by default, and we can also choose to use telephone or online video sessions at times where we choose to do so.

Release of Information - This form is used in the event that you would like me to speak to another person about your history or treatment. In the case that you would like this to happen, we will sign this form together and review exactly what you would like communicated. Any other aspects of your treatment or life will remain confidential. 

Rachel Robbins, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

CA License Number Psy22646


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