Private Practice Supervising

Are you setting up supervision for associates in your practice? Do you have a new associate you want to introduce to your practice in the best way for both of you? I offer training in how to set up supervision for both masters and doctoral level supervisors and pre-licensed therapists. We will discuss all of the documentation you need, options for paying associates, legal and ethical considerations, accessibility, and handling the in’s and outs of supervision in a practice setting including fees, client referrals, and supporting pre-licensed therapists as they start and close their journey through a private practice position. As we go, we will address best practices, common areas where folks make different choices, differences between licensing boards that can create confusion about rules and expectations, and deconstructing traditional models to create access and best reflect you, your supervision, and your associates.


I am familiar with the legal requirements for supervisors in California, and can provide California supervisors with information on setting up supervision practices. I am happy to work with therapists in other locations, however I am unable to provide information on state-specific requirements.

Supervision Support I Offer:
  • Fees and payments

  • Evaluations

  • Supervision agreements

  • Closing an associateship

  • Navigating challenges between supervisor and supervisee

  • Meeting board requirements

  • Assisting associates in developing their own styles and business goals

  • Legal and ethical requirements

  • Fostering Independence

  • Acknowledging the hardships of associateship

  • Telehealth and associates

How To Get Started

Individual Consultations

I offer single consultations for specific associateship questions, and complete “private practice associateship building” plans that includes all the forms you need, in-person consults, and email follow ups for both you and your associate as you start the process.


Small Group Workshops

I offer small group workshops, where everybody can ask questions and share their own ideas as we go through setting up a supervision practice. If you would like to attend a group workshop started, you are welcome to gather folks to attend or ask if any are about to start soon and we can add you in or get one going. 

To get started, call or email me for scheduling, or with any questions you might have.