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Welcome to our resources landing spot. I am always searching for more tools or ideas to offer support and open doors as we move through the world. Each page is a different collection of activities, resources, or information that might be able to support you in your journey. They are all free except for the Next Step Portal. 

Our Exploration Time Book List is an inclusive list of books on a wide range of topics. We gathered a range of books that include perspectives and experiences and hopefully create more space to access the content within.

Stacks of old, much used books
A stack of books in a book shop
A futuristic space ship on a rocky planet surface in rich tones of orange and purple

The about page describes the book list, and has a list of updates to the list to track what is new.

Next Step Portal Logo with a cartoon of a sun peeking out from behind a cloud and the sentence "activities for healing and living"

Visit our community resources page to find links for a variety of other providers are modalities.

The Next Step Portal is a paid resource. For a monthly subscription of $9.99 for, you get access to a full and growing collection of activities, skills, exercises, crafts, puzzles, and games all aimed towards moving forward in healing. I share and practice many of these skills and activities, and this collection gathers them all in one spot so you have a place to go to practice and learn new tools as you move through your journey.

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