Fees and Payment

I maintain a core belief that supportive psychotherapy and psychological services should be available for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and economic circumstances. Privilege, oppression, and life circumstances can impact income and access, and I strive to recognize and address this in my practice.

Fee Scale

I maintain a range of rates on my fee scale, and reserve 1/3rd of my of schedule for people who are using the scale for a reduced fee. I have adapted my scale to our location and cost of living as best I can even though it makes it look ridiculous. What fee scale starts at $70k!? My  fee is $200.00 per session for individuals, and $225.00 for couples, and the rate goes down to $160.00. You can view the fee scale and identify the amount that fits with your yearly income. In setting the fee, we will also consider additional factors in your life, like family and community obligation and support, student loans, access to resources, and debt. I will let you know when you contact me if there are openings for reduced fees. View Fee Scale.


I accept Medi-Cal through Beacon/San Francisco Health Plan.

Fee Adjustments

I maintain flexibility with people I have been working with, and adjust my fee up and down whenever possible as life circumstances change and impact your finances or sense of stability.

I apply a yearly fee increase of $5.00 a year, if that feels feasible. If it does not, we can discuss and apply the fee scale rates.

Out of Network Insurance and Superbills

I use a platform called Advekit to streamline superbills and fees if you have insurance other than Beacon. If we choose to use this option, you only pay the rate/percentage you owe, and don't need to wait for reimbursement from your insurance company. When I use Advekit, I use my full rate, and your fee would be determined by your insurance policy on out of network coverage. For example, if they reimburse 70% your fee would currently be $60 and that is what you would pay (insurance deductibles may slow this down a bit).

Fee Questions 

These fee options may still feel out of reach or incomplete. If you have questions about determining your fee, please contact me for more information. I can provide referrals if we cannot create an alternative fee schedule. 

I accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards as payment options. You are welcome to use your flex spending or health saving (HSA/FSA) cards for payments. When meeting remotely, I use cards as the starting option, and we can explore other options if you are using something other than cards.


 Fee Scales


Couples and Multi-Partnered Relationships

I currently accept Medi-Cal through Beacon Health Strategies. I don't directly take other plans and am an out of network provider for other insurance policies.


If I do not work directly with your insurance company, I can provide you with an itemized receipt (superbill) for services for you to submit to your insurance company so you can receive reimbursement if your policy offers it. Many plans offer reimbursement for out of network care, you can confirm your specific benefits with your policy. If you have questions or concerns about the status or long term certainty of your health plan, I can work with you to establish a plan or understanding about next steps once or if your health plan changes.

When using an insurance plan to help pay for therapy and other mental health services, there are several factors to keep in mind. Most insurance plans require a mental health diagnosis, and maintain some types of access to treatment records. I believe that using insurance can allow access to needed therapeutic support, and I will work with you to ensure that your confidentiality is maintained as best as possible. If you have additional questions about the Medi-Cal process, feel free to ask. We can also discuss this in our first appointment.




A range from $250 to $150 is available for assessments based on income and circumstances.

Good Faith Estimate

You have the right to receive a “Good Faith Estimate” explaining how much your psychotherapy and other therapy and assessment services will cost. Under the No Surprises Act, health care providers will provide an estimate of the expected fees for clients who do not have insurance, or who are not using their insurance for therapy or other health care services. If we know how long our work will last it will specifically be indicated in the estimate, and if we are working in a more open ended framework I will provide a yearly estimate and we can always adjust for a shorter or longer time frame, and adjust our estimate and fees if any other changes occur. For additional information you can access the information sheet posted on our Good Faith Estimate page.