Rachel Robbins, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

CA License Number Psy22646


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    Viola Mejia, Psy.D.

    Areas of focus

    Mood Issues
    Complex Trauma
    Harm Reduction
    Bi-cultural/Multicultural Experiences
    LBTQ Identities
    Re-entry/Post incarceration

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    If you think we might work well together or even if my areas of focus don’t seem to match your unique needs and you want more information please contact me.

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    My office is located in Downtown Berkeley, two blocks from BART. The building is ADA accessible. I have availability on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and mornings on Thursdays.

    How I work


    Decolonizing practice is to give words to your life and names to your feelings and experiences that you are an expert in. This means looking at the system of oppression and colonization that are a part of all of our pasts and present so that we can move forward in our daily lives.

    For black and brown folxs this can mean identifying the ways in which colonization continues in the present like in gentrification and incarceration. We can explore how we respond to these created stresses in painful ways. It can also mean using ancestral practices that speak to you or entering and connecting with your community.

    What can be helpful is talking with someone who can help you see all the parts of a problem. You can unlearn things or identify how your family and the larger culture put the problem on you. This involves the relationship we create. The relationship heals and how it looks is unique to each person. The role I play is to be a part of your healing and help you find your own way that feels best. What is created in the room then grows in your life so that you are building connection and community as who you really are.

    Substance use, working too much, relationships that feel like they never work, family stuff are reflections of larger community pain. People who have feelings of overwhelm, anger and irritation, poor focus and concentration, up and down moods, and feelings of helplessness, who don’t feel good about themselves, struggle with body image, and find it difficult to make lasting social connections often come work with me.

    We can work on figuring out who you are in a safe environment so that you can be grounded no matter what happens. So that you know what your heart wants and who you want to be in the world. Then even when things are hard you can return again and again to your unique joy.

    About Me


    I identify as bi-cultural(mixed-race), cis-female with my family from Mexico and California. I'm Bay Area born and raised. Shout out to the three zip codes that made me -408, 510, and 415. Community adult education is my first love. I follow Mujerista psychology, liberation psychology, restorative practices, and ancestral wisdom. I believe in decolonizing mental health spaces which means deconstructing common mental health practices to understand where they support colonization and address that in people's lives. I'm a member of Alameda County Psychological Association and Bay Area Open Minds.

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