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About Me

I identify as multiracial, female with family from Mexico and California. I’m Bay Area born and raised-Shout out to the three zip codes that made me: 408, 415, 510. Learning from my struggles in school I found myself working in community adult education. My own healing experiences showed me I could serve people in deeper ways and found Mujerista Psychology, liberation psychology, restorative practices, and ancestral wisdom as frameworks for healing. I believe in decolonizing psychology which means deconstructing and challenging common mental health practices by understanding where they support colonization. The goal is to build better healing practices that focus on the entire person and their healing through centering relationships and their community. I am currently working on a collection of writings titled, “Sometimes Love Involves Disappointment…” and professional development workshops for clinicians of color using ancestral wisdom in their work.

Areas of focus:​

  • Depression/Anxiety

  • Complex Trauma/PTSD/Ancestral Trauma

  • Relationships/Relational Trauma

  • Vicarious Trauma/Burn Out

  • Sexual Harm

  • Substance Use/Harm Reduction

  • Biracial/Multicultural Experiences

  • Couples/Multi-Partner relationships

  • Sex Positive

  • LGBTQAI2S+ Identities

  • Re-entry/Post Incarceration Healing

  • Post Higher Education Healing

  • Teletherapy

Viola Mejia wears a bright warm smile

Viola Mejia, Psy.D.

How I Work


I work by focusing on relationship and practice: restorative, liberation and body centered practices. I sit with people and listen for the heart in people that has been lost or repressed. I offer gentle challenges to fixed thoughts so people can learn new ways of being. Each person is unique even if they have shared lived experiences with others. Each person is their own expert and guide to what they need and want. I work responsively to support that person and it will look different. 


The role I play is to be part of the healing process by creating a space where people can mess up, where practices are used to embody the true self, and where experiences integrate into a lifelong healing journey. We work together to nurture tendrils of healing that start in the room and grow out into life so that connections built are grounded in who people really are. 


Who I Work With


People start searching when they’re feeling stuck, lost, or groundless. This might show up in habits like substance use, disordered eating, difficulty sleeping. Some people feel overwhelmed, angry and irritated, with feelings of helplessness. People feel a tension between being themselves and some unknown sense of who they feel they should be. Sometimes they see a disconnect at work and feel burnt out. Shame is a common theme that comes up for people. 


I work with people who tend to be perfectionists or people pleasers, caregivers and helpers of the world. People who feel successful in some areas of their life but struggle in building relationships or feel like something is missing in other areas. I work with people who come from backgrounds where their family or culture doesn’t value therapy but they do, people who identify as first generation or bi-cultural. I also work with people who were system involved and want to not be defined by their wounds but also move into a place of thriving. 


People come to work with me when they’re ready to act, to be focused on their healing and have decided it’s time to be committed to their lifelong healing. People who are looking to feel alignment between who they are and how they walk in the world. They want to embrace the teachings of their emotions so that they can feel grounded no matter what happens and return to their unique joy. People who want to lead with their heart and be themselves in the world.  

Contact Me


If you think we might work well together or even if my areas of focus don’t seem to match your unique needs and you want more information please contact me.

To contact me for an appointment or information:


  • 510-342-9132

  • I have telehealth appointments available Tuesday thru Thursday and in person meetings on Wednesday and Thursday at an office near Ashby BART. Currently, I have biweekly openings.

Supervised and employed by Dr. Rachel Robbins

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