Roni Kholomyansky, Psy.D.

Areas of Interest

  • Problems I work with:

    • Acculturation difficulties

    • Codependency

    • Depression, chronic or acute

    • First or second-generation immigration status

    • Generalized anxiety

    • Healing from narcissistic families and relationships

    • Life transitions

    • Low self-esteem

    • Masculinity, men's issues

    • Romantic relationships

    • Social anxiety

    • Trauma, healing from abuse & neglect

  • Approaches:

    • Depth work

    • Empathic

    • Experiential

    • Interpersonal, relational

    • Mindfulness

I conduct therapy in either English or Russian

How I work

I view psychotherapy as a courageous choice to reflect on all of the scary thoughts and vulnerable emotions that we justifiably have wanted to avoid. It’s what makes us human, but it’s also what hurts the most to expose to others. I respect the vulnerability that it takes for someone to begin therapy and I prioritize qualities of respect, humility, and empathy in our work together. I strive to have my clients feel heard and seen for who they truly are, while also feeling challenged and guided through this process of self-exploration. 

Where I come in is helping individuals make sense of their experiences and develop a stronger sense of self-understanding and self-acceptance. I have found that we generally know what to do when we know what our problem is, it’s just getting there that can be the tricky part. I prioritize respect, compassion, empathy, and humility in our work together. I also find the therapeutic relationship to be very important, which means that I will encourage you throughout to provide me with feedback so we can tailor our approach to meet your specific needs. I understand that it’s hard to ask for help; it can be vulnerable and scary, and there’s nothing I can write here that will make it feel easy to give me a call or send me an email. I hope that you do it anyway and trust the part of you that wants to grow and gain relief from the negative emotions that have been weighing you down.

Contact Me

I encourage you to contact me via phone (510-379-7228) or email ( so we can learn more about each other to see if we would be a strong fit in working together. My office is located in Hayes Valley (459 Fulton St., Suite 106) in San Francisco. The office is accessible by BART (Civic Center stop), MUNI (Van Ness stop), or the 5, 21, 47, and 49 bus lines. If you have any other questions or if you want to inquire about working together, please reach out via the form of communication that is most comfortable for you.

I am a psychological assistant, working under the supervision of Dr. Rachel Robbins (license #22646).

Rachel Robbins, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

CA License Number Psy22646


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