Rachel Robbins, Psy.D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

CA License Number Psy22646


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    My specialized area of focus


    I specialize in helping Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents (ACNP’s); specifically, I
    work with people who were raised in what can be considered a narcissistic environment
    where the parent’s needs were usually considered over that of the child. This can happen
    when the parent’s personality style is extremely self-focused, or in the case of
    addiction/alcoholism, when the parent’s primary relationship is with drugs or alcohol.
    Adult children rarely arrive at the idea ‘Oh, that's what is wrong- my parent has the
    specific problem of narcissism.’ As a result, adult children often blame themselves
    entirely for the problems they have. However, recent studies have shown that adult
    children with this type of self-absorbed or addicted parent share very similar stories, have
    many of the same feelings, and struggle with similar issues. They may also have great
    difficulty in forming intimate relationships, setting healthy boundaries, accomplishing
    goals, people pleasing, and maintaining a realistic sense of self-worth. Without a ‘name’
    for the problem most are left to try and sort out what is solely wrong with them without considering the possibility that their troubles may generate from some type of parental
    narcissism/addiction. I believe there is a strong connection between the two populations.
    After realizing there was very little information that addressed the problem of parental
    narcissism, I designed an interpersonal group model (my dissertation) to help adult
    children overcome these particular struggles. I have often found that when I mention this
    way of helping, many people respond with relief and great interest. I can work with
    clients individually or within a group context. Through identification and a hand-tailored
    plan to address these issues, clients are able to identify and heal from the fallout of
    parental narcissism.

    About Me

    I hold a certification in Substance Abuse Counseling from UC Berkeley and a Psy. D. in
    Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology, Argosy
    University, San Francisco Bay Area. I have extensive experience in working with
    individuals, couples, groups and youth. During my undergraduate training, I designed an
    interpersonal group model to help adult children dealing with the effects of having
    narcissistic parents and/or family members with substance abuse issues. This work has
    become my area of specialization, and has been presented nationwide at various
    conferences and professional trainings including the Annual Conference of The American
    Psychological Association.

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